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Welcome to Found, your trusted skin and laser clinic for both women and men, located in the beautiful Mt Maunganui.

We offer a range of non-surgical skin care treatment services, as well as IPL hair and vein removal, laser tattoo removal and much more! 

We have also developed our own range of 100% natural oils for skin care
that achieve outstanding lasting results.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best skin treatments that make you look and feel amazing!


Treatment Menu

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you.  

We can customise a treatment plan for you - we have payment options available and we can also make a plan that fits in with your budget.

"After 12 years of working in the skin care and fashion industries, I set up Found to be able to offer the best treatments and skin care solutions at affordable prices.

I am particularly passionate about empowering women to know and love who they are, from the inside out. "


Our range of oils can help with a variety of skin conditions.

Whether you are wanting to soften lines, remove acne or rewind the years of sun damage, our Day and Night oils will give you amazing results!



I have never in my life been so thrilled with my results as what I have been with Michelle - Michelle has absolutely transformed my skin to a healthy glow that I never dreamed possible. She has enabled my confidence & skin care routine to a level I did not know existed. I highly recommend her products & services to anybody that wants amazing long term results.

Melissa Polaschek

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